DJ Producer from Uruguay, Montevideo
Live in Switzerland, Lausanne

Bekando produces sounds as you like to feel at any time of the day. His latin touch allow him to get in love with the music. You will go crazy with his last productions. At the age of 15 years old, when he arrives in Lausanne, influenced by artists like Pascal Feos, Ricardo Villalobos and many more, he started his carrier as DJ.

In 2004 he made a collaboration with Djaimin who has produced « Give You »  and « Put Your Hands Up » and they launch together the album « The Craftman ». The same year he is published in the Rolling Stone Magazine.

After many years producing music for friends, he decided with the encouragement of his best friends to free his mind and to go out of the shadows. In 2019, he has made a collaboration with Garden 18 Records and produced 4 new tracks in pure Tech House  for clubing and make birth Minded, Ronda Katonga,  Jupiter and The Day After Before »

In 2020 he decided to run by his own and founded with his friend Stef Gerne, his own label « codirecords » who means « cognitive dissonance » and relate to the delirium they like to express when they decide to meditate about life. We would love to explain you more about this but there is no sense.

Just listen…

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